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The Cherry Street Fishing Club Incorporated caters to those who enjoy fishing, but may have other interests as well. Accordingly, the club is intentionally simple in structure and undemanding of one's time, comprised of a social network of people who fish together monthly on a predetermined schedule.


President: John Smith 0428 868 632

Vice President: Bruce Waterson 0427 011 019

Secretary: Joyce Waterson 0427 011 019

Treasurer: Margaret Smith 0428 868 632

Weighmaster: Scott Thew 0438 638 664


Max Thew (02) 6686 9134, Ray Fox 0417 867 503,

Bruce Waterson 0427 011 019, Steve Smith 0412 403 888

Contact Us: fishing@cherrystreet.com.au

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Cherry Street Fishing Club By Laws.pdf

Application for Membership-Fishing club.pdf

Other Useful Links

North Coast Fishing NSW: http://northcoastfishingnsw.com.au/

Ballina Marineland: http://www.ballinamarineland.com.au/

Ballina Coastal Patrol: http://www.vmrballina.com.au/

Coast Guard: http://www.coastguard.com.au/

North Coast Fishing Bonanza: http://www.fishingcomps.com.au/ncfb/

Richmond River Recreational Fishing Haven: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/recreational/info/rfh

Map: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/recreational/info/rfh/richmond

Note to Members

Inflatable Life Jacket Servicing

Marine Safety (General) Regulations 2009, Part 5 safety equipment and facilities, 83 meaning of 'lifejacket' and 'appropriate lifejacket' requires that if you own an inflatable lifejacket older than 12 months then you are required by law to have it serviced every year or as advised by the manufacturer's guidelines. Members are advised to check their inflatable lifejackets and if in doubt seek advice from the manufacturer.

Competitions & Prizes

  • 15 x $80 and 15 x $40 annual prizes to be won every year
  • monthly competitions commence at first light on the first Saturday of the month and conclude at 1 pm Sunday. After weigh-in the club provides food & drinks.
  • Targeted species are: snapper, pearl perch, pelagics, seriols's/cobia, deep sea, jewfish, flathead, bream,whiting, luderick & taylor, bass/perch
  • Fishing mid week can count towards certain annual prizes
  • No weather restrictions-you're the skipper, you're responsible
  • Launch your boat from Brunswick, Ballina or Evans bars, or go beach, rock or estuary fishing in the Ballina shire
  • Membership fees are $15 adults or $30 family

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Bar Cod catch


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